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10 Healthy Food Brands Revolutionizing Supermarkets

With the pandemic questioning our immunity levels and exposing how unhealthy our lifestyle had been so long, people are rethinking their diet. There is a growing focus on eating healthy foods free from chemicals and additives. And there is a growing surge in food brands promoting such health and wellness products. Supermarkets are fast adapting to this new trend, stocking up their shelves with these healthy food brands. Modern day consumers are searching for heart-smart, no added sugar, gluten-free, etc labeling on products and retailers, on their part, are tapping into this new trend to boost revenues.

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Top healthy food brands that you can choose from:

  1. Applegate: This brand may stand for processed meat products but focuses on how the livestock is raised. This is why they source only humanly-raised meat that does not have any hormones or antibiotics. They prepare only cured meat products that are free from fillers and additives and have non-GMO ingredients.
  2. Hope Hummus: Hummus, a Middle-Eastern delight, has always been considered one of the healthiest snacks. But the truth is many hummus products are made using very high salt levels, inflammatory vegetable oil, and potassium sorbate. However, Hope is a brand that has changed this, making organic hummus just as you would find at home.
  3. Kashi: This brand is the creation of a husband-wife duo keen to make whole-grain, healthy, ready-to-eat cereals for Americans. They soon became partners with Quality Assurance International to come up with a novel certification called “certified transitional”. The transition from traditional farming to organic farming needs 3 years but, during this time, many farmers struggle to produce organic products. Kashi certification aims to help them by growing “transitional” crops which are organic but not certified by the USDA yet.
  4. Siggi: It is famous for its yogurts made with less sugar and simple ingredients. Its founder was inspired by the Icelandic yogurt skyr that was low in sugar and thicker. He began selling this yogurt at local farmers markets and soon became a nationwide brand because of its nutritional levels.
  5. Banza: This healthy food brand swapped the semolina in commercially-available pasta for high-protein and high-fiber chickpeas. The difference of only a single ingredient made all the difference to this pasta, without altering its original taste. It became more nutritious with twice the amount of protein and fiber, and much lower carb content.
  6. Halo Top: For ice cream lovers who want to eat healthy, Halo Top is the perfect choice. This brand specializes in making low-sugar, low-fat, and high-protein ice creams that can give Ben & Jerry’s a run for its money.
  7. Safe Catch: Canned tuna has always been one of the best protein sources and fatty acids. You will find it readily available in supermarkets. But tuna is sadly overfished and adds a lot of mercury to the diet. Safe Catch is a brand that tests tuna for this mercury level.
  8. Enjoy Life: This is great news for those with a sweet tooth. The brand behind chocolate chips now produces gluten-free products, whether it is their protein bites or baking mixes, and has obtained a non-GMO status.
  9. Harmless Harvest: It is known for producing organic coconut water without dyes. This is potassium-rich and pink in color because of the coconut’s antioxidants which change color when exposed to the sun.
  10. Food for Life Baking Co: This healthy super-market food brand makes breads using sprouted grains. These are loaded with bioactive micronutrients which give high-fiber and low-gluten breads popular with diet conscious individuals.